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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Young generation get centipedes"

Do read this Singlish parody that talks of "Singaporean prude mentality" and suchlike. A superb excerpt:
But many people who say sex is corrupt is probably those who own 4436.27 giga byte of latest porno video and masterbate three time everyday. If matas got raid their home they sure maru like seow! But they is draw attention away from themselve by pointing fucking finger at others, like old Alfred Hitchcock book where mastermind lead detective away from them skillfully. This is Singaporean expertise when come to sex talk.
Heh. I love the bit about "4436.27 giga byte." Precision must be applauded. It must also be noted that such hypocrisy is not restricted to Singalore.

(Link via email from Aadisht, who, by and by, has a nice post on Pankaj Mishra's goofy Guardian piece. Also see Tim Worstall's rebuttal of Mishra's piece.)
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