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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What we search for

In response to this post of mine, Sudhanshu Raheja writes in:
Another thing you might notice is that if you compare rape to murder, rape is searched more often in the Indian subcontinent.

And not that it matters, but the French are obsessed with Accidents...
For the first observation, click on 'regions,' for the second, on 'languages.' And in case you think Sudhanshu morbid for the things he searches for, he also sends me this rather interesting result.

Update (May 17): Dushyant Wadivkar writes in:
I wish to point out that the trends mentioned in "what we search for" could be false. While its blatantly clear that India has the highest searches on anything involves male-female genitalia, I am not sure if these trends consider the percentage of population while ranking the cities. Sure Delhi is fascinated by rape, but is it possible that there are more people to begin with in Delhi then compared to other cities? I just think when we compare India to any other country, the difference in population is so high that we should not ignore it as a factor. Of course, it can be debated that other advanced cities might have an easier access to the net.
Good points. In fact, these results seem to conceal more than they reveal, such as absolute numbers and so on. I'm sure Google will help us get more useful information out of these as time goes by.

Update (May 18): Reader Tejas Rao writes in:
The ranking is based on normalized scores (searches that include the keyword as a percentage of the total number of searches from any geographical location), so the argument doesn't hold.
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