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Friday, March 03, 2006

Reformat body?

I've been travelling from the time this year started, but my health stood up pretty well to all the travel. It's somewhat ironic, then, that drinks and dinner back home in Mumbai was what finally put my system under. I had some white wine with young Hash on Wednesday evening, after which we joined cherubic Gaurav for dinner at Karim's. Much meat was consumed, and loosies started at midnight, and continued all night, through which I couldn't sleep.

I had a flight to catch to Chennai in the morning, and it was torture, as I shivered in the AC, racked by a headache and the urge to puke. I had meetings in Chennai all day, and somehow struggled through them, my head throbbing more and more fiercely as the day went on. The meetings got over at five, and I went to a colleague's hotel room to nap for an hour before my evening flight back to Mumbai. Ah, and I took a dispirin.

I woke up 6.30 with my nose swollen and blocked, and my face puffed up hideously, with my eyes like little slits. I'd got an allergic reaction months ago to combiflam, and was clearly getting a similar reaction to dispirin. I was hardly being able to breathe, and wheezed my way to reception to ask for a cab to the airport. They could barely understand what I was saying, as I tried to breathe and speak at the same time. I got a cab, made a couple of phonecalls, and managed to take anti-allergy medicines that made me better. I had to cancel a trip I was planning early in the morning today to Nagpur for the Test between India and England, but well, shit happens.

And here's a page on my problem, in case any of you come across similar cases in future. (Link via JSV.)

I found myself wishing yesterday that bodies were like computers, and we could just do a system restore. That didn't work for a recent virus infection on my laptop, and reformatting the hard drive was a solution we contemplated. In this case, I'm at least thankful the hard drive didn't crash. I'm here, and blogging will continue at the usual pace once I'm completely recovered.
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