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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Breadlike, after all

I always cringe when someone refers to rotis or parathas or naans as kinds of "breads," which doesn't come remotely close to conveying what they are to someone who knows what breads are, but not these. Well, my first dinner in Pakistan was brain masala, kababs and naan, and these naans, indeed, were rather breadline. Unlike typical Indian naans -- long and sensuously curvy -- these were perfectly round and rather thick, somewhat like a soft pizza base. In fact, it was more like bread than like the naans I know. Good stuff, if not quite what I expected.

I'm tempted to end this post with a conclusion unrelated to naans, but that would be a naan sequitur. So here's a pic (click on it to enlarge):

Update: History lover writes in to enlighten me that such breads are available in India as well. "Those breads are available in Delhi/UP at least and are called sheermals," he writes. "They are available in Muslim dhabas in Old Delhi."

And Peter writes in to say that he knows where to get them in Mumbai. Darn, why haven't I ever come across them?
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