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Monday, December 12, 2005

Beanbag stuff

In the course of an essay in the Wall Street Journal about how the nature of TV viewing is changing drastically, Jason Fry writes:
Reading online or sending email is office-chair stuff; watching TV or a DVD is couch stuff, and the twain don't particularly want to meet.
Well, I spent a fair bit of time relaxing on my beanbag yesterday, surfing the net on my laptop, reading a marvellous essay by Russell Roberts ("The Reality of Markets"), blogging a wee bit, as VH1 played on my TV screen a couple of metres away. I often read stuff on the net on my couch, and I know people who watch DVDs on their office PCs. The nature of how we consume different media is changing, as the media themselves keep evolving, and we don't have a chance in hell of predicting what it's going to be like 15 years from now. Imagine if we'd tried to predict in 1990 the kind of lives we'd be living today. There's not a chance I would have imagined myself "blogging." And we have no idea what manner of disruptive technology lurks around the corner.

Such fun, isn't it? We live in exciting times.
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