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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Going for melons

Reuters reports:
Inspired by the television reality show, Czech public radio and television broadcasters have announced that on November 7, they will begin airing a new show that will follow the lives of four gorillas living together at the Prague Zoo.

The show, to be called Odhaleni (Discovery), will see the primates -- one male, two females and one baby -- battle it out for a grand prize of 12 melons, a delicacy for gorillas.
Just my kind of reality show. They should try it in India with politicians. Throw in a couple of monkeys from the Sangh Parivar, some apes from the CPI(M) and CPI, and chimps wearing T-shirts that say "Laloo Mera Bhalu" and "Main Mulayam Hoon." And see them go for those melons.

Stop smiling. We're the melons.
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