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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Being male

DNA reports:
The twists and turns in the fight for the Mafatlal fortune, including the posh 14,000 square foot house at Altamount Road could give Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar's storywriters a run for their money.

DNA found a copy of a court document on Saturday that indicated that Ajay Mafatlal and Aparna Mafatlal are the same person.

The second of four siblings, sources said, underwent a sex change last October to stake claim as the elder son of the family. The trust of the late Yogendra Mafatlal, who died in January, would have otherwise passed on to his youngest child Atulya, who was the only son.
What astounds me about this report is not the alleged sex-change, which is none of our business, or the alleged motive for it, which is also none of our business. What amazes me is that we still have laws that discriminate between sons and daughters. The unequal treatment given to men and women by the law of the land is our business, and I am offended by it. It also upsets me that most people who read the report would think that Ajay Mafatlal is the wierdo here. He's not. The law is.
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