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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A new beginning for the BJP?

"Crisis," writes Sudheendra Kulkarni in the Indian Express, "is a terrible thing to waste." And the one that the BJP is in may just help them burst free of the RSS's shackles towards a broader vision. Kulkarni writes:
For an organisation that claims to be committed to nation-building and has many admirable qualities (never mind the attempts by the communists and other Hindu-baiters to demonise it), the RSS has scarcely introspected publicly on why its influence in India’s political, intellectual and public life remains so limited — and rapidly shrinking. The RSS may or may not do such soul-searching. But if the BJP too shuns soul-searching, if it doesn’t pay heed to the hometruths spoken by [LK] Advani, its own space and influence in Indian politics will definitely shrink. If it does, the present crisis could mark a new beginning for the BJP and for non-Congress politics in India.
I agree. If the BJP doesn't redefine itself, it's scope will inevitably diminish. But that change will have to come from within. Who will catalyse it?

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