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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The totalitarian party

The Indian Express reports:
The CPI(M) in Kerala has sacked a photographer with its newspaper, Desabhimani, for allegedly making a comment on party General Secretary Prakash Karat. When Padmakumar, staff photographer of Desabhimani for over 15 years, noticed Karat’s face on the new screen-savers installed in the newspaper’s computers, his colleagues say, he quipped that the party could do without such idolising.

But word got around and within a week, the CPI(M) state secretariat itself had mulled over this act of "grave indiscipline," formed a committee and conducted an official probe.
And Padmakumar was asked to leave.

Now imagine if this party was actually in power at the center. Actually, don't imagine. Just think back to the communist governments of the 20th century, in the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia and so on. Why on earth do we still put up with them?
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