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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Spaces for lovers

Check out this nice essay by Janaki Nair in the Telegraph examining how repressive moral codes and "[r]egional cultural nationalism" are eliminating the freedom of women across the country.

She also notes that Kolkata is that rare Indian city that tolerates couples in public spaces. Well, I've noticed one such enclave cropping up in Mumbai itself. The In Orbit Mall in Malad, Mumbai's biggest, has a food court on the third floor that is, well, fairly large by Indian standards. The main section of the food court is generally crowded and noisy, and I prefer to go and sit at the far end, which is quieter. Well, recently I got myself a sandwich and a frappe and went over and sat at my usual place, and suddenly noticed, to my immense embarrassment, that I was surrounded by young couples, some of them snogging with abandon. My quiet corner had become a couples zone, and here I was, all alone with hordes of couples all around me.

Instantly I put my lips around my sandwich.
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