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Thursday, July 28, 2005

More thoughts on Gurgaon

A number of Indian bloggers have weighed in after I last posted on the violence in Gurgaon. Kunal Sawardekar is worried that "misplaced rants about workers rights" will enable the miscreants among the workers to go free. Ravikiran Rao argues that "the policemen should be punished more than the guilty workers [my emphasis]." Nitin Pai sees this as "a wake-up call to the Indian government to speed up labour reform." And Primary Red of Secular-Right India laments that we, the people, have "rarely made good policing an issue in our elections."

Meanwhile, spokespersons of the Left like Brinda Karat have been all over the airwaves talking about workers' rights and oppressive capitalists and so on. In this regard, the Indian Express wisely comments:
The Left obviously sees political potential in bringing militant trade unionism to Delhi’s doorstep. It is a sobering thought that the very phenomenon has reduced the stretch from Kanpur to Kolkata to an industrial wasteland. That is why it is important to recognise the Gurgaon violence as a horrible aberration — not a televised episode of class struggle.
Dead right.

Update: Here's another Indian Express editorial that wonders if the Left will target sushi bars next.
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