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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

India Uncut Ambition 1

I want to be a hooch inspector.

I should be India’s designated hooch inspector, and my job should be to go from city to city, town to town, and inspect hooch. And oh, to villages also, with pretty belles.

Like I could go to this small village and ask for the panchayat to convene. After it does, I could ask the sarpanch, “Excuse me, do you, like, have any hoooch here?”

And the sarpanch would say, “I’m a sarpanch. Please call me ‘Sir’.”

So I’d say, “Ok, excuse me, do you, like, have any hoooch here, sir?”

And the sarpanch would say, “No.”

Then I’d stride to a hut nearby, fling open the door, and reveal that the hut was full of hooch, wall to wall, ceiling to floor. The sarpanch would look at me sheepishly and blush.

“I see that you do have some hoooch here,” I would say. “But not to worry, send me some belles, and I’ll handle the matter.”

* * * * *

Three weeks later, 400 brass bells would land up at my home.
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