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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Feasting on the dead

There are few things as disgusting as people taking advantage of the dead for their own selfish purposes.

Mid Day has a report on an astrologer who is trying (successfully) to get some easy publicity by claiming that he foresaw Sunil Dutt's death. You already know what I think of astrologers, but does it get much lower than this?

And read the last para of the report, where this man predicts:
A difficult week lies ahead because of Saturn shifting its house from Mithun Raasi to Karka Raasi. During this time, Saturn will be in zero degree and cause large-scale destruction in the lives of people under its influence. We may therefore witness a lot of suicides.
Well, it so happens that I'm supposedly a triple-Saturnian, being a No. 8 Capricorn with a prominent mount of Saturn on my palm. I await, eagerly, the promised "large-scale destruction". Come to Papa.

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Update: "Disgusting" was perhaps too mild a word. MR Madhavan writes in to add some perspective on this astrologer's prediction that there will be "a lot of suicides" in the coming week. He writes:
The astrologer may be correct in his prediction, though this is even more disgusting. A number of class 10th and 12th board exam results are due this week, and you might see a number of suicides being reported.
Suicides, sadly are common in India at the time of exam results being declared, and this astrologer has, as Madhavan cannily surmises, taken that into account. So, after a week, he will have even more success to boast about. He is, thus, not merely feasting on the dead who are dead, but also on the dead who are still living.
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