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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The daftest extortionist

Mid Day reports:
Shabbir Sheikh is the daftest extortionist in history. After barging into a Dongri jeweller’s store and threatening to kill him if he didn’t pay Rs 20,000, Sheikh agreed to leave for 15 minutes to give the jeweller time to arrange for the money. Jain, of course, immediately telephoned the police.
The fellow returned 15 minutes later and said to the shopkeeper:
Ya tum paise de do, ya naake pe aa jao. Yunus bhai vahi pe baitha hain.

[Either you give me the money, or you come to the crossing with me. Yunus bhai is waiting there.]
Instantly the cops grabbed the fellow. The report doesn't mention what happened to Yunus bhai, though. And for some reason, Sheikh reminds me of the "droopy-faced man from Tata Indicom" who has such a starring role in this post by Jai Arjun Singh. Stuff of legend, these fellas.
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