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Thursday, April 14, 2005

My naked elbow

Those anxious to know where my sex appeal lies should check out my arm in this photograph of our recent bloggers' meet, luminous where my shirt ends but menacingly, ominously, erotically dark at the elbow. Dream on, girls, I'm already taken.

The picture is a cunning one taken through a mirror with S Anand's camera, although Nandan seems to be the one taking it. Aadisht (with glasses) and Chandrahas are the two people leaning forward eagerly, while Ravikiran is the genial but professorial presence with a moustache. Young Arnab's back is visible in the mirror, and part of his face is visible off it, though the nose is cut off to spite it. Yazad is cut off by my, ahem, body, though part of his insubstantial arm is visible. Anand, Saket, Sameer, Zainab and Altaf were also present, but must be vampires, considering that they are not visible through the mirror.

I had promised to link to all the bloggers' accounts of the meeting, but I find Yazad has already done that, so I'm duly linking to his post: A Bloggers Dozen. I had a fabulous time, and hope to be present at many more bloggers' meets. When my pecs, I mean pics, are developed, I'll duly post them as well.
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