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Friday, March 11, 2005

Cliche voice bot

Gaurav Sabnis writes in suggesting that Ravi Shastri be replaced with a voice bot that generates cliches according to context, as Shastri does. A couple of Shastri cliches that Gaurav cited: This will do his confidence a world of good; and it will do him no harm whatsoever. Both could be applied to Yousuf Youhana and the extended stint he's having out in the middle (two cliches gone by).

I'm sure an automatic cricketing cliche generator could easily be designed, that takes Cricinfo ball-by-ball details and generates cliche-filled commentary out of it. A similar nonsense generator was once written for postmodernism, which, as Richard Dawkins once pointed out in a marvellous essay called "Postmoderism disrobed", is a giant academic sham. Here, give the Postmodernism Generator a spin.
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