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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sex and revenge in cricket and films

Remember the allegation of rape made against a Pakistani cricketer during their tour of Australia? Well, LP Sahi of the Telegraph reports that according to the players accused, the allegation was simply a weapon of revenge used by a disgruntled woman he'd once had an affair with. Sahi's report says:
According to The Telegraph’s sources, the cricketer and the woman did have a relationship on Pakistan’s previous (1999-2000) tour of Australia — only, that was time-bound.

So, while the cricketer forgot about her, the woman actually hoped he would marry her — and said as much when she met him, after four years, in end-December.

The initiative for that meeting, in the team hotel, was taken by the woman.

Going by what the cricketer told the team management, she became hysterical when he explained “developments” in his “personal life” ruled out marrying her.

In the woman’s eyes (and heart), that was betrayal.

This seems a credible account to me, especially since the lady in question eventually refused to file charges. The accused player, by the way, was not Shoaib Akhtar, contrary to speculation that began after Shoaib left the tour around the same time as the allegations.

This case is rather similar to that of Preeti Jain accusing Madhur Bhandarkar of raping her. The accusations of rape gradually transformed to allegations of exploitation, and Jain claimed that she had slept with Bhandarkar after he offered her a role, which never materialised. Asked about the casting couch on Shekhar Suman's chat show, she said something to the effect of: "The couch happened, but not the casting."

The lesson learnt from these two incidents: Men will promise anything for sex, and women will do anything for revenge.
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