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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

No chicks, no TV

Remember the controversy of the four sadhus of the Vadtal sect who were allegedly involved in a pornography racket? Well, the trustees of the temple to which these gentlemen belong has now issued a directive to all members of the sect, placing some daunting restrictions on them. The Indian Express reports:
The new code of conduct announced on Monday bars contact and conversation with women, ownership of private property and all luxury items including the telly.

So they can't even talk to a woman? How bizarre. Imagine this:

A vadtal sadhu is sauntering along the street when a lady approaches him. "Excuse me," she says, "could you tell me the way to the nearest temple please? I need to pray urgently."

The sadhu, a young man who has been making valiant attempts to restrain his hormones, recoils in horror as he remembers the code of conduct, and confirms, with a quick glance at the woman's anatomy, that she is indeed a woman. He turns away and starts walking off briskly.

The woman follows him. "Listen," she says, "It's really urgent, I must pray now, and you're a sadhu, you obviously know where the temple is. Please tell me where it is."

Our sadhu walks faster. The lady gets pissed now. After all, she's only asking for directions, and she has puts lots of deo today, so it can't be body odour. She runs after him, determined to extract an answer.

He goes faster and faster. She chases relentlessly, all the while chanting, "Where's the temple, where's the temple, where's the temple?" He runs, she chases, she chants. He enters the city area, ducks into a lane, and before she can follow him into it, in the few seconds that he's out of her sight, he rushes into a shop there.

It's a TV showroom.
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