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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The multi-billion dollar enterprise

Swaminathan Anklesaria Aiyar writes in the Times of India:
Almost as soon as the Kyoto Protocol on global warming came into effect on February 15, Kashmir suffered the highest snowfall in three decades with over 150 killed, and Mumbai recorded the lowest temperature in 40 years. Had temperatures been the highest for decades, newspapers would have declared this was proof of global warming. But whenever temperatures drop, the press keeps quiet.

Things were different in 1940-70, when there was global cooling. Every cold winter then was hailed as proof of a coming new Ice Age. But the moment cooling was replaced by warming, a new disaster in the opposite direction was proclaimed.

Aiyar wonders how we can possibly trust a computer model that aims to predict the weather 100 years from now when "[m]eteorologists are a standing joke for getting predictions wrong even a few days ahead."

"The models have not been tested for reliability over 100 years," he writes, "or even 20 years. Different models yield variations in warming of 400%, which means they are statistically meaningless." More:
In the media, disaster is news, and its absence is not. This principle has been exploited so skillfully by ecological scare-mongers that it is now regarded as politically incorrect, even unscientific, to denounce global warming hysteria as unproven speculation.


[T]he global warming movement has now become a multi-billion dollar enterprise with thousands of jobs and millions in funding for NGOs and think-tanks, top jobs and prizes for scientists, and huge media coverage for predictions of disaster.

The vested interests in the global warming theory are now as strong, rich and politically influential as the biggest multinationals.

Read the full piece. Also read my earlier post on this subject in The Middle Stage: "Book causes global warming".
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