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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Kissing the enemy

How far can India and Pakistan take nationalistic rhetoric and jingoism? Don't answer that; read this. This IANS report filed from Islamabad says that Pakistani actress Meera is facing punishment from the culture ministry because she kissed an Indian actor, Ashmit Patel, in a film called Nazar. The report says:
Official sources here said the film's "objectionable scenes" showing Meera kissing an Indian actor had prompted the Pakistan government and the culture ministry to impose a heavy fine on the popular actress.

The sources said people had reacted strongly to some of these scenes as they were against Islamic ethics and moral values.

The government has directed the culture ministry to take severe action against Meera as Pakistani actors visiting other nations were seen as ambassadors of the country.

On a tangent, Adnan Sami has just got divorced from his second wife, and has told Mid Day that he is "definitely on a hat-trick".
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