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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Your flight is, mmm, delayed

"Cops close in on airport porn", says the Times of India. Last Friday, in the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, two TV sets in the visitors' lounge played a pornographic clip "between 12.10 am and 12.30". The police claim to be close to solving the case. Here's what the report says:
The airport's cable TV operator, who is based in Mahipalpur, about five kilometres from the international airport, "leaves his shop at 8 pm after leaving the operations on automatic," the police official says.

It seems someone else, most likely another cable operator who is well aware of the operations, played the porn video through his connection only to malign him."

But the question is, if the porn video was played through the cable network why did it only appear on two out of the 11 television sets at the airport?

This will clearly require classy detective work, and I have no doubt that the cops in question must be watching that clip over and over again, searching for clues. "Arrey Ram Singh," I can imagine one constable saying to the other, "Zara rewind maar, mujhe dekhna hai us navel pe logo kiska tha?"
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