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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The show goes on

I’ve been back a couple of days from my journey through Tamil Nadu, and am just getting back to the rhythms of normal city life. I’m shampooing my hair again, listening to Rabbi, relaxing on the sofa with a good book, planning my next post on 23 Yards – have I put the tsunami behind me already?

I hope not. As I’d written earlier, I intend to return to Tamil Nadu a few months from now to see how things stand in all the places I’ve been to, and if the much-hyped “long-term rehabilitation” is actually taking place. In the meantime I shall get back to writing about my usual melange of things, such as books, cinema, music, politics and, of course, sex. I shall also resume blogging on The Middle Stage in a few hours, so if you patronised that and were wondering where I went, well, I’m back.

In case you ever want to go through my the writing I did while travelling through Tamil Nadu, you need not mess around in my archives: I’ve saved all my posts from that period in a sub-blog titled “India Uncut – The Tsunami Posts”, at If I write more on the subject, that will also be added there. It isn't behind me, it's with me.
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