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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Not just the poor

For those who were cavilling that the demolition of illegal structures in Mumbai targetted only the poor, the Indian Express reports that Koyla, a “plush Colaba eatery” owned by Farhan Azmi, the son of a prominent politician, has been demolished because it was an unauthorised construction. Azmi, of course, is claiming that it is political vendetta, but the report says: “Illegal bungalows at Madh Island in Malad (West) will be targetted next. Notices have also been issued to well-known commercial premises in South Mumbai. The Hilton Towers hotel at Nariman Point, Oxford Bookstore and Samrat Hotel, Churchgate, have all been warned that illegal structures on their premises will be demolished.”

Seems pretty fair to me. On a related note, Dilip D’Souza says that we should feel as much sympathy for these now-homeless slum dwellers as we did for the tsunami victims. I disagree. You can read his post and our discussion in comments here.
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