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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Shooting in Ooty, kissing in Mumbai

Kareena Kapoor, the Bollywood actress, has announced that she is going to sue Mid Day, the Mumbai tabloid. Mid Day carried a bizarre photo feature today of Kapoor and her boyfriend, actor Shahid Kapur, locking tongues at a Mumbai restaurant called Rain. (Much to my dismay, it hasn't been uploaded on Mid Day's website.) The pictures were allegedly stills of footage shot from a mobile-phone video camera by a friend of the editor.

Kapoor claims that she was “shooting in Ooty” when the kissing supposedly took place, while Kapur claims that he hasn’t gone to the restaurant since September. Aaj Tak, the TV Channel, showed repeated close-ups of the original video footage, which underscored that besides not being newsworthy – the two have been fairly candid about their relationship – it wasn’t aesthetic either. The two of them, if it is them, look utterly grotesque in the footage, eyes half shut, lips hardly touching but tongues darting out. It's like a love scene between corpses from a Ramsay Brothers film.

Meanwhile Kapur gave a soundbyte to Star News that he and Kareena were from respectable families, and they would never have done something like this. People in respectable families, it would seem, don't kiss. Bummer.

Update - Here are some pictures, if you have the stomach for it.
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