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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blog Day 2005

It turns out that today is Blog Day 2005 (Peter has the details here). So, um, Happy Blog Day. On this day, we're supposed to introduce our readers to five new blogs but, um, I haven't come across any new blogs lately, so I'll cheat and tell you about five blogs that aren't exactly new, but that I enjoy, and deserve to be read by many, many more people.

1] Zoo Station, run by Reuben Abraham and others. Outstanding.
2] Clipboard Conversations and Other (A)Musings, run by J Ramanand. (Trivia: the first blog to blogroll India Uncut.)
3] Filthy, funny, flawed, gorgeous, by my old pal from my MTV days, Ammani.
4] A walk in the clouds, by Megha Murthy. I like the tone of her writing. She's a sit-down-on-sofa-relax-and-read kind of blogger.
5] The Corridor of Uncertainty, by Will Luke. An excellent cricket blog. Its author is now my colleague at Cricinfo, which I've rejoined. (I'd left for a couple of months.)

I've deliberately left out the libertarian cartel, as well as the blogger buddies I hang out with most these days (1, 2 and 3), and I pray they won't take offence. And for more fantastic blogs, do explore my blogroll on the left panel: much value in there. (And yes, I'm expanding it soon.)
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